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It is an app which represents the community of great chefs living around the globe if you are great in cooking you are encouraged to share your recipes along with your name. You can also comment under the recipe, discuss their recipe experience and ask about the problems if they face any.

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Everyone is welcome to Order Now their requirements and People Near By in 20km will find your order by Orders NearBy and contact you. With this Feature you can be Cook at home and earn money

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Now we can find professional cooks in our surroundings, who are registered with us.
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Cheese cake to simple cake, Chocolate brownies to sugar cookies, typical Indian Biryani to Italian chicken pasta and exotic pizzas dough this is a complete package covering every spice existing on the face of earth. In addition every recipe is mentioned with cooking time so that you can choose according to your own comfort level.

Cook book is a smart app which uses network resources very smartly. In addition you can also favorite any recipe of your choice to view it offline latter. There are sub categories in the main categories so that you find the exact thing you want with powerful search option. The main categories are Appetizers & Snacks, Beverages & Cocktails, Breads & Breakfasts, Cakes & Frosting, Spreads & Marinades, Cookies & Candies, Vegetables, Desserts, Calorie Efficient, Main Course, Cultural Foods, Grilling & Camping, Holidays & Events, Kids Stuff, Pasta, Pies, Quick Recipe, Salads & Dressings, Sandwiches, sauces & Gravy, soups, Rice, Grains, Beans & Stuffing and Others. In these categories there are further sub categories in which you will find beef, poultry, Sea food, Pitas, Frostings, Frozen, pickles, puddings, dressings, mutton, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Christmas, Easter, Eid, Diwali, weddings, valentine and even honey moon recipes.

Life is busy and we all are putting least efforts in our diet plans. Most of us prefer sandwich or burger over a porridge or whole wheat meat. Do you remember when you had 4 glass of water in 24 hours? Water is replaced by carbonated drinks and vegetables are replaced by meat. Eating healthy food is not an easy job. Seriously? Eating healthy is the easiest thing in life. Mostly you have all the ingredients in your kitchen cabinet but you don’t know. Even if you don’t have them they are the readily available in the market on cheap rates. Then why go for unhealthy food on high cost? All you need to cook these ingredients efficiently and extract the flavor of health. It’s never too late if you are tired of hunting healthy recipes apps and end up with rubbish app with no data then you are on right place. Cook book is a complete app which will help you in all domains of cooking. We have done this job for you and collected easy healthy recipes for kids and adults which can be applied for breakfast lunch and dinner. Healthy food doesn’t mean tasteless food, from cakes to shakes; from patties to cookies; From sandwiches to pizzas you will find recipes of all types.

Cook book is also a great cooking app for beginners like bachelors and young moms as well. Start from the beginners level recipes and go to the expert level. Kids are always choosy in their meal and you have to be very wise in gathering quality ingredients for them. In this app you will find collection of recipes for kids which are rich in taste and health as well.

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