Family Finder

Family Finder is very innovative and smart phone tracker service for tracking your family using GPS Phone tracker technology. Family tracker is a very safe way of tracking your love ones when they are not around you. All you need is an android device installed with Family Locator app and you are ready to track your family.

Who needs Family Finder?
Usually parents are very concerned about their children when they are not at home, sometimes children are not paying attention to incoming call Family Finder Phone Tracking allow you to track your children and send them text messages, if the children are unfortunate to be in any trouble they can sound panic message to the parents or at least 5 persons to call for intermediate help.


Family Finder does not restrict you to create limited number of families. You can create families like office family, friends and personal family etc. You can create as many families as you want to keep track of your loved ones and colleagues.

GPS Tracking in Real Time
Family Finder allows you to see the exact location of your family member anywhere in the world. Family location member location is updated after every 15 minutes, so that you can observe your family movement particularly when you are away from your home .So family finder provide you GPS TRACKING IN REAL-TIME

Family Finder app provides you security for you and your family account. You can set privacy settings for any family who you don’t want to be aware of your location. Moreover admin facilities are allocated so that the family creator has rights to kick or ban any member.

Easy to Use
Family Finder is very easy and smart app to use. You don’t have to add members by approval waiting for days and hours. You can send SMS or Email or both and let the other person know that you are a part of his/her family now and all he/she needs to do is to download the app from provided link.

Settings allow you to have full control of application in hand. You can control privacy settings for your id. You can leave any family and can change email as well as nick name in family.
Maintain Day Wise Location
Family Finder helps you to maintain daily location with Family GPS tracking. You just have to enter the date and select the member from family and see the location his/her on that particular day.

App Built-In Chat System
Family Finder allows you to have a built-in chat system so that you can talk to your family members without any cost. Family Finder also provides different Colors for seen and unseen messages.

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