Fast Egames-Dota2

Dota 2 fans! Now you don’t have to wait for the match results to see the score, Fast E-games unlike any other application allows you to be aware of the Live dota 2 updates of each player total stats including kills/Deaths/Assists. On every event there are alerts unlike any other application for dota 2 live scores. On first-blood / Double-kill or any other event you will hear in-game sound of alert and vibration on phone. Dota 2 Live Chat system allows you to talk to other players while you are observing the game. Moreover the concept of bubble differentiate this application from any other dota2 app. You can just give your thoughts on any kill or any other activity with bubble, people can like your bubble comment on it


★ Live Dota 2 Score board
★ Notification on every In-game alert
★ Dota 2 news and updates
★ Comments broadcasting
★ Bubble on events and get likes from other users
★ Last action performed in the match
★ Local time according to your location
★ Rate your favorite team during match
★ Fixture of upcoming series
★ Points Table for Dota 2 Teams
★ Match Summary after the match
★ Groups and Team details with player squad information
★ Complete Venue Information
★ Today’s Match
★ History of all previous matches of dota2 till 2011
★ User Friendly Interface
★ Enjoy Dota 2 game sounds
★ Chat System to discuss your thoughts

  • CLIENT Excalibur Solutions
  • YEAR 2015
  • WE DID Design Mockups, SEO, Marketing
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